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...a selection of kitten and cat names

  • Ajax: For an impeccable cat that loves to groom and feels that cleanliness is next to godliness.
  • Alice: Who could forget Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland, this creative story is based on a cat.
  • Bardot: The French film star Brigette Bardot was the original Sex Kitten of the 1950's. A great Cat Name For felines that are bouncy and pouty.
  • Capone: Al Capone the infamous Chicago mob boss that gain notoriety during prohibition. This is an appropriate Cat Name for a tough alley wise cat.
  • Chloe: In Greek it means "a green shoot" and in Greek mythology, Demeter was assign to be the goddess of fruit and crops. Some cats enjoy helping out and getting down and dirty in the garden.
  • Diva: A great Cat Name for cats with attitude who love to please and be pleased.
  • Garfield: The most well-known Cat Name of all! Lazy, lovable, and easy going, yet sharp as a tack when it comes to wit. For an adorable lazy cat who's highly intelligent that loves to lounge around.
  • Godiva: A cat with a cocoa colored coat.
  • Popcorn: A Feline with an extraordinary loud purr.
  • Moocher: For kitties that use their charm to show when they want their snack or meal.
  • Pumpkin: An appropriate Cat Name for an orange tabby cat that loves to eat and has a rounded plump figure.
  • Snickers: Perfect for a calico cat with swirls of colors.
  • Tom: Like Casanova, a male cat that prefers female company and seduce them with his purr.
There are many great Cat Names! Try to be creative and pick one that matches your cat's personality. If it's a new kitten, consider waiting a bit until she shows you what kind of personality she has.


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